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About Lines & Spaces


Lines & Spaces creates community spaces that strengthen, enrich, and nurture using music.


Our vision is a nonprofit organization that creates a safe and supportive space for students, programs concerts that contribute to a vibrant music-making scene within our community, facilitates access to quality music instruction, and supports professional musicians.

About Us

Lines and Spaces will feature a free twice-weekly after-school string music program based in Taunton, MA. Programming will include violin and viola instruction, social justice discussions, snacks, games, and homework help. Students will have opportunities to perform and share their success with the community in performances at least twice per year. Faculty and guest artists will perform concerts, which will prioritize accessibility to audiences and collaboration with our wider community.


Why "Lines and Spaces"?

"Lines and spaces" is a musical term. It refers to the staff, which is a symbol used to notate music. Our organization uses music to create welcoming community spaces, expanding and deepening the lines of connection within our community.

El Sistema

Lines and Spaces’ after-school music program is inspired by the Venezuelan El Sistema model. El Sistema programs are places for students to learn, grow, and enjoy community in a safe after-school space. Through group music instruction with trusted adult role models, these programs cultivate students’ success, joy, self-discipline, flexibility, and other life skills. Through this programming, El Sistema harnesses music as a vehicle for social change. El Sistema programs are accessible regardless of a student’s ability to pay. 

Sheet music on a black background


Mutualism: Everyone has valuable knowledge and passions to share, both in the classroom and in the wider world.
Safe Community: We value creating a community space that is safe, welcoming, and accepting. 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We value building accessible opportunity as well as an environment where everyone feels they belong.
Concerts: We value performances, especially those which support mutualistic relationship-building in our community. 
Music: There are many different ways to have a valuable relationship with music as well as with your instrument(s).
Community membership: We strive to be engaged members of the wider Taunton community.​

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