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A child's hands draw on a rock. On the brown table in front of the child are more rocks, markers, crayons, and paints.

After-school Program

Lines and Spaces’s after-school program will be a free string music program in Taunton, MA, for 10-15 students between the ages of 7-10 that meets twice weekly. The program will center around group violin/viola class, semi-private violin/viola lessons, values discussions, snacks, mentoring, fun group activities, homework help, and student performances. These activities are designed to strengthen students’ life skills, cultivate student agency, and foster a warm sense of inclusive community among participants. Our goal is to eventually expand this program to serve more students in kindergarten through high school.

Community Concerts

Community concerts are a vital part of Lines and Spaces mission. Concerts are a way to connect with the community, give students opportunities to both perform and experience others performing, and showcase a diverse variety of musical genres. We strive to bring in guest artists with different backgrounds and make concerts accessible to all.

Annierose -- a young, white, brunette woman -- stands and holds her viola by her side. To her right, Rose -- a young, white bonde woman -- stands with her violin on her shoulder.
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